Full Time
Markham, ON


Job Description


1. Analyze and evaluate the target market and user group profile, select brands and products suitable for the company's platform and future development plan;

2. Select products based on data, investigate the selling points of products, and conduct in-depth research into the interactions between products and consumers;

3. Investigate and evaluate the existing product market, independently enhance and expande product lines, as well as develope product selection and pricing strategies;

4. Examine best-selling products, evaluate product trends, determine whether a product has the potential to become popular, and develop new, competitive products;

5. Develop explosive products, designate supply strategies in accordance with operation strategies, possess the ability to price products, and export a stable product library;

6. Collect and analyze product market, understanding the sales trend of competitive products, gathering information about new products and competitive products, and completing research reports on new and best-selling products;


Bachelor degree or higher degree in business administration, marketing, or related field is an asset;

More than three years' experience in the E-commerce field, preferably with successful product development experience;

Well-versed in E-commerce purchasing and all facets of commodity circulation, with a keen understanding of the market;

Familiar with and master the latest trends of the industry, including new products, prices, supply channels and other information, can optimize the product selection plan;

Strong communicative abilities and planning ability;

Ability to coordinate;

Workplace initiative, a strong sense of responsibility, and the capacity to work effectively under pressure;

Love Japanese and Korean beauty products, attention to fashion trend;

Acquire data analysis skills and excellent logical reasoning faculties;

Proficient in various computer office software;

Must be fluent in Mandarin;